Writing Raw FilesΒΆ

The RawWrite class can be used to generate .RAW-files with generated or calculated data.

The functionality is limited to adding traces with a single series of values. Stepped data (like with a DC sweep) is not supported.

First, generate your trace data, e.g. using numpy.
Then, make a Trace object from this data.
Then, add all Trace objects to the RawWrite object.
Lastly, write the data to a file on disk.

The following example writes a RAW file with a 3 milliseconds transient simulation, containing a 10kHz sine and a 9.997kHz cosine wave.

import numpy as np
from PyLTSpice import Trace, RawWrite

LW = RawWrite()

tx = Trace('time', np.arange(0.0, 3e-3, 997E-11))
vy = Trace('N001', np.sin(2 * np.pi * tx.data * 10000))
vz = Trace('N002', np.cos(2 * np.pi * tx.data * 9970))



For more information, see :