Reading and Manipulating NetlistsΒΆ

PyLTSpice has the ability to read and manipulate netlist files using the SpiceEditor class. Basic functions include adding and removing instructions, and writing out the modified netlist.

Functions for getting and setting component values, and much more are derived from the SpiceCircuit: class.

Example :

#read netlist
import PyLTSpice
net = PyLTSpice.SpiceEditor("")

# set default arguments
net.set_parameters(res=0, cap=100e-6)
net.set_component_value('R2', '2k')
net.set_component_value('R1', '4k')
net.set_element_model('V3', "SINE(0 1 3k 0 0 0)")

# add instructions
    "; Simulation settings",
    ".param run = 0"

See the class documentation for more details :