Semiconductor Operating Point Reader

Implements a parser for extracting Semiconductor Devices Operating Points from an LTSpice log file.

PyLTSpice.SemiDevOpReader.opLogReader(filename: str) dict[source]

This function is exclusively dedicated to retrieving operation point parameters of Semiconductor Devices. This is handled separately from the main LogReader class because of its specialization and therefore not judged to be of interest to the typical LTSpice user making board level simulations.

Below is an excerpt of a Semiconductor Device Operating Points

Semiconductor Device Operating Points:

                        --- Diodes ---
Name:         d:m6:1:para2:1               d:m4:1:para2:1               d:m3:1:para2:1         d:m6:1:para1:2
Model: m6:1:para2:dpar_5v_psubnburd m4:1:para2:dpar_5v_psubnburd m3:1:para2:dpar_5v_psubnburd dpar_pburdnburdsw
Id:              3.45e-19                     3.45e-19                     3.45e-19                1.11e-13
Vd:              3.27e-07                     3.27e-07                     3.27e-07                9.27e-02
CAP:             3.15e-14                     3.15e-14                     3.15e-14                5.20e-14

                    --- Bipolar Transistors ---
Name:     q:q2:1:2    q:q2:1:1     q:q1:1:2    q:q1:1:1     q:q7:3
Model:  q2:1:qnl_pnp q2:1:qnl_m  q1:1:qnl_pnp q1:1:qnl_m   qpl_parc
Ib:       3.94e-12     4.69e-08    7.43e-13     4.70e-08    3.75e-12
Ic:      -2.34e-12     4.57e-06   -7.44e-13     4.50e-06   -2.35e-12
Vbe:      1.60e+00     7.40e-01   -7.88e-04     7.40e-01    1.40e+00

This function will parse the log file and will produce a dictionary that contains all the information retrieved with the following format:

semi_ops = {
    'Diodes': {
        'd:m6:1:para2:1': {
            'Model': 'm6:1:para2:dpar_5v_psubnburd', 'Id': 3.45e-19, 'Vd': 3.27e-07, ... 'CAP': 3.15e-14 },
        'd:m4:1:para2:1': {
            'Model': 'm4:1:para2:dpar_5v_psubnburd', 'Id': 3.45e-19, 'Vd': 3.27e-07, ..., 'CAP': 3.15e-14 },
        'd:m3:1:para2:1': {
            'Model': 'm3:1:para2:dpar_5v_psubnburd', 'Id': 3.45e-19, 'Vd': 3.27e-07, ..., 'CAP': 3.15e-14 },
        'd:m6:1:para1:2': {
            'Model': 'dpar_pburdnburdsw', 'Id': 1.11e-13, 'Vd': 0.0927, ..., 'CAP': 5.2e-14 },
    'Bipolar Transistors': {
        'q:q2:1:2': {
            'Model': 'q2:1:qnl_pnp', 'Ib': 3.94e-12, 'Ic': -2.34e-12, 'Vbe': 160, ... },
        'q:q2:1:1': {
            'Model': 'q2:1:qnl_m', 'Ib': 4.69e-08, 'Ic': 4.57e-06, 'Vbe': 0.074, ... },
        'q:q1:1:2': {
            'Model': 'q1:1:qnl_pnp', 'Ib': 7.43e-13, 'Ic': -7.44e-13, 'Vbe': -0.000788, ... },
        'q:q1:1:1': {
            'Model': 'q1:1:qnl_m', 'Ib': 4.7e-08, 'Ic': 4.5e-06, 'Vbe': 0.74, ... },
        'q:q7:3': {
            'Model': 'qpl_parc', 'Ib': 3.75e-12, 'Ic': -2.35e-12, 'Vbe': 1.4, ... },

filename (str) – path to the log file containing the Semiconductor Device Operating Points


Dictionary containing the information as described above.

Return type: