This module uses matplotlib to plot an histogram of a gaussian distribution and calculates the project n-sigma interval.

The data can either collected from the clipboard or from a text file. Use the following command line text to call this module.

python -m PyLTSpice.Histogram [options] [data_file] TRACE

The help can be obtained by calling the script without arguments

Usage: Histogram.py [options] LOG_FILE TRACE

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s SIGMA, --sigma=SIGMA
                        Sigma to be used in the distribution fit. Default=3
  -n NBINS, --nbins=NBINS
                        Number of bins to be used in the histogram. Default=20
  -c FILTERS, --condition=FILTERS
                        Filter condition writen in python. More than one
                        expression can be added but each expression should be
                        preceded by -c. EXAMPLE: -c V(N001)>4 -c parameter==1
                        -c  I(V1)<0.5
  -f FORMAT, --format=FORMAT
                        Format string for the X axis. Example: -f %3.4f
  -t TITLE, --title=TITLE
                        Title to appear on the top of the histogram.
  -r RANGE, --range=RANGE
                        Range of the X axis to use for the histogram in the
                        form min:max. Example: -r -1:1
  -C, --clipboard       If the data from the clipboard is to be used.
                        Name of the image File. extension 'png'