class PyLTSpice.sim.run_task.RunTask(simulator: Type[Simulator], runno, netlist_file: Path, callback: Union[Type[ProcessCallback], Callable[[Path, Path], Any]], switches, timeout: Optional[float] = None, verbose=True)[source]

This is an internal Class and should not be used directly by the User.

get_results() Union[None, Any, Tuple[str, str]][source]

Returns the simulation outputs if the simulation and callback function has already finished. If the simulation is not finished, it simply returns None. If no callback function is defined, then it returns a tuple with (raw_file, log_file). If a callback function is defined, it returns whatever the callback function is returning.


Method representing the thread’s activity.

You may override this method in a subclass. The standard run() method invokes the callable object passed to the object’s constructor as the target argument, if any, with sequential and keyword arguments taken from the args and kwargs arguments, respectively.

wait_results() Union[Any, Tuple[str, str]][source]

Waits for the completion of the task and returns a tuple with the raw and log files. :returns: Tuple with the path to the raw file and the path to the log file :rtype: tuple(str, str)